Jon Car is a powerhouse vocalist, singer/songwriter, & self-taught multi-instrumentalist from Corpus Christi, TX. Starting at the early age of 4, he began playing & writing songs on the piano. In 2012, Jon founded his band Hyde After Nine, which has gone on to play over 900+ various shows, festivals, & private events. Jon's style consists of a variety of unique sounds blended into a new genre. His captivating vocals are a mix of Chris Daughtry's power that combines the lyrical elements of Ivan L. Moody of Five Finger Death Punch, & the vocal rawness of Hinder's Austin Winkler, along with hints of melodic & luscious notes from Justin Timberlake. Jon's vocals are mesmerizing, real & sensuous in his newly released single, "The Danger." He is currently recording his debut EP titled "DREAM-119," which will be released this September.